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About us

Ryan Angilly is Trenta Fueled, and has been writing software since he was 7 years old (23 years & 200lbs ago). Since creating his first failed startup 6 years ago, Ryan has lived and breathed startups and Internet technologies. When working with Trenta Fueled, you will also be leveraging a large network of web & mobile developers, graphic designers, and product managers.

Ryan Angilly


Ryan Angilly

Product design & management

Ryan Angilly

Web & mobile development

Ryan Angilly

Technology consulting

Our services

We are a one-stop shop.

Web Development

Our abilities go beyond just making web pages. We build complex web apps that will scale with you and your customers.

Product Design

Taking your vision from a notepad to an elegant, streamlined workflow is not trivial. Luckily, we're really good at doing just that.

Mobile Development

Enable your users to connect to your app while they are on the go. We have direct experience with iOS and Android development.

Technology Consulting

Sometimes just talking helps. Our years of experience in Internet startups can help guide you along the path to realizing your vision.

Our Work

We have worked with startups and technology companies at all stages. Some of our clients are listed below.

  • Trada.com

  • Conviro.com

  • SugarWOD.com

  • TallyBits.com

  • GivenGoods.com

  • Viglink.com

  • OpenSnow.com

  • MessageSling

    My first startup. A voicemail transcription company. Like Google Voice, but worse. Died 2009. RIP.
  • SignalGenius

    Intelligent lead mining. TechStars finalist twice. Put into hibernation in 2012. May rise from the ashes....
  • Punchbowl.com


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Our office

We are located in Boulder, Colorado. If you're ever in the area, please drop us a line.

Trenta Fueled, LLC

Phone: 508.579.7453

Email: contact@trentafueled.com